Our mission is to connect people to businesses and the destinations they visit


MapForce is a technology company that builds maps platform infrastructure and innovative tools to manage locations. Businesses and destinations of every size—from local shops and towns to public companies and big cities—use our software to manage their business locations online.

Despite maps platforms and apps being the most downloaded in history, only about 56 percent of businesses are accurately represented on maps platforms.

Removing the barriers to connecting local customers to what they are seeking helps more new businesses get started, expedites growth for existing companies, and increases economic impact and tourism globally.

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Whistler eBikes

“My customer count increased by 270% compared to the previous year for my electric bike rental business. I highly recommend MapForce to anybody that has a business.”

Ash Conrad | Owner | Whistler eBikes

Local Firewood Supply

“When we started with MapForce, we realized we didnt’s even have a maps pin set up. After working with them for over a year now, we are thrilled with the results and our revenue has nearly doubled since we started. Firewood deliveries and sales are at an all time high for us.”

Tyler Ovington | Co-Founder | Local Firewood Supply